Home Hormone Testing Kit

Our Program Includes:

  • Advance DUTCH testing with 5 urine test strips

  • Sealable Return Envelope with Postage Included

  • Home Hormone Testing Secure & Private User Portal 

  • Easy to follow Video Instructions

  • Detailed Lab Analysis highlighting the key findings from your results

  • Nutritional Strategies to help support your optimal hormone function

  • Specific lifestyle strategies to help improve and support your hormone health

  • Customized supplement protocols designed specifically from your lab results

  • Further recommendations for follow-ups, consultations, or additional lab testing if necessary

Comprehensive DUTCH testing includes:

  • Over 45 biomarkers Including:

  • Analysis of over 35 different hormones

  • Daily free cortisol and free cortisone rhythms

  • Oxidative stress marker (damage to cells)

  • Melatonin levels

  • Six organic acid markers including those for:

  • B12, B6, glutathione, dopamine, and epinephrine